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Today's society has entered the information age, the rapid development of information technology is inseparable from efficient and rapid information transmission carrier and technology. Fiber optic communication technology ADAPTS to the development trend of this technology and has been popularized worldwide in the past few years. Optical fiber communication technology plays an important role in information transmission, improves the overall level of information network architecture, and becomes the main communication transmission technology in China. Optical fiber communication technology has become one of the important research directions in the field of science and technology in China, and its technical level is also improving.

UV LED power fiber technology innovation

Optical fiber is composed of fiber core, cladding and coating. Among them, the inner coating is soft, the outer coating is hard. The inner coating is used to protect the surface of bare optical fiber from mechanical damage and buffer the external stress during optical fiber use.

The hard outer coating is good for optical fiber wear resistance. When optical fibers are fused or connected, the coating must be removed from the surface of glass optical fibers. The stripping force of the coating is determined by the outer coating of the fiber. The tensile force of the coating, that is, the bonding force between the inner coating of the fiber and the quartz glass cladding, depends on the inner coating of the fiber.

In the actual production, the curing of the outer coating basically reaches the saturation state, so it is necessary to control the uv curing dose of the inner coating of the fiber to ensure that the tensile force of the fiber coating meets the requirements of the fiber specification.

In the curing process of optical fiber, the surface of the optical fiber needs to be coated with a layer of protective coating and curing, which is commonly said to make the coating from liquid to solid. Printing, automobile, electronics, furniture and other industries of production, are not without this link.

Optical fiber coating is a key step for optical fiber from factory to application, and the speed of curing affects the speed of optical fiber production, so high-speed curing is favored by optical fiber manufacturers. UV mercury lamp curing devices were commonly used in the past. However, this traditional light source has many disadvantages:

l High energy consumption;

l High maintenance cost;

l Need to protect against microwave damage;

l Need to set up a large number of exhaust pipes and high-power fans;

l Mercury, production, scrap disposal is not conducive to environmental protection;

l The tube decays fast and is not linear;

l The curing degree of optical fiber coating is not uniform in microstructure.

According to the spectrum, only about 10% of the UV light emitted by uV-mercury lamp is useful for curing, 20% of the visible light, and 70% of the calorific value. Its curing efficiency is difficult to meet the growing production needs of the optical fiber industry, and is contrary to the current concept of economic and environmental protection.

UV leds have the following advantages over UV mercury lamps because of their energy concentration in the 365-395 nm band for curing optical fiber coatings:

l Save energy consumption more than 80% compared with UV mercury lamp;

l Low maintenance cost during service life;

l The emission uv spectrum is single and the energy is concentrated.

l Central aggregation can also produce higher temperatures;

l Fast switching, without preheating or cooling;

l The optical design is flexible and has good uniformity in the irradiation area;

l Service life up to 25,000 hours;

l The heat generated is greatly reduced without the need for a huge cooling pipe system;

l Greatly reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioning refrigeration in the workshop;

l No ozone generation;

l There is no mercury in the product.

The emergence of UV LED light curing system is a major breakthrough for the production and manufacturing of optical fiber industry, which strongly promotes the innovation of light curing equipment and greatly improves the efficiency of fiber drawing.

? CoolUV will help upgrade the optical fiber industry

Since the development of the fiber-coated UV LED curing system began in October 2014, five generations of product design improvements have been completed. This research and development of the fifth generation of optical fiber coating curing system F600R model new, single lamp power can reach 0.6 kW, light source life >20,000 hours, can save energy rate of 93% to 95%. Compared with other products with the same effect in the market, more energy saving. Once this product is listed, it has won a strong response from the market.

CoolUV Main features of optical fiber coating curing system:

1. Continuously improve the convenience of operator's use and maintenance;

2. Full modular design, the main parts of any product can be quickly replaced within 1-3 minutes;

3. Redundancy design of power supply and control system, most of the system failure can be realized non-stop operation;

4. Through innovative optical design, high UV irradiance is achieved with very low power consumption;

5. Digital controller, stable and reliable continuous work;

6. Compact volume, occupying very little space;

7. Friendly operation interface and rich functions.

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