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CoolUV series products have unique features in the four core technologies of UV LED curing system:

Optical design is an important factor to reflect the quality of UV LED light source.

Mercury lamp light source and its optical design is relatively simple, UV LED light source is very different from mercury lamp light source, LED light source can be designed into a variety of forms, for different applications, there will be an optimization scheme, can better meet the application requirements.

CoolUV team has rich experience in optical design of LED chips. Through accurate modeling of chip structure and optical structure, monte-carlo algorithm is used to simulate the photon motion. The error between the calculation result and the actual measurement is usually less than 5%. Through iterative calculation in several or even dozens of design schemes, the optimization scheme of matching application is finally obtained. With the exception of a few special-purpose products, the vast majority of CoolUV light source products can achieve excellent performance with only onetime optical design, which is more than 20-50% higher efficiency than those with two or more times optical designs.

CoolUV products have different optical designs to suit different applications. Compared with products without optical design, simple and even wrong optical design, CoolUV products have the following advantages:

customized the best product scheme according to different application requirements;

use the minimum energy consumption to achieve the optimal design objectives, such as high irradiance, high uniformity, collimating light, etc.;

use the minimum number of chips to achieve the same design target;

Based on excellent optical design, CoolUV has produced several series of products with excellent performance, such as SuperCure, UltraCure series, and fiber coatings curing light source. Their advanced optical performance and excellent curing effect lead the development trend of UV LED.

CoolUV series products have unique features in the four core technologies of UV LED curing system:

CoolUV adopts the advanced COB (chip on board) packaging process, which can closely combine optical design and packaging design together, and carry out packaging design according to the goal of optical design, making full use of the flexibility of COB packaging, with enormous irreplaceable technical advantages. In addition to optical requirements, CoolUV packaging design also fully considers the material, heat dissipation and other factors, reasonable packaging design can improve the reliability of UV LED light source, greatly extend the life of UV LED light source.

In addition to the flexibility of optical design, COB Packages have high heat transfer efficiency that POB (Packages on board) can not match. Package is commonly known as a separate Package device; The array mode of POB has obvious high thermal resistance. Due to the many heat transfer layers, it is difficult to match the materials. High temperature and stress damage of different materials are the difficult problems that lead to high failure rate of light source.

CoolUV series products have unique features in the four core technologies of UV LED curing system:

The power supply design (driving design) of LED modules is a highly complex arrangement. Only with in-depth research on the working characteristics of the chips, a specialized power supply to LED modules can be designed.

The traditional constant voltage and constant current power supply in the actual use cause a large number of chip damaging problem, which is related to the LED chip's volt-ampere characteristics and power supply performance, the traditional constant voltage or constant current power supply design, will lead to a transient current variation in the circuit every time power on and off, every electrical load adjustment, easy to cause overcurrent damage to the chips; In addition, the electrical performance of LED chip is not fixed in the whole life cycle. That is to say, even if the chip's electrical consistency screening is carried out during packaging, the chip will still have inconsistency in operation. Even with the traditional constant current control, a large number of arrays of chips can lead to out-of-control current damage for some individual chips.

CoolUV Technology adopts the dual control power supply of constant voltage and constant current, which avoids the problem that the chip is easy to be damaged due to the simple constant current or constant voltage driving manner, and its function is realized by the controller developed by Cooluv.

CoolUV developed special controller for LED system, is the crystallization of digital power electronics technology products, with powerful and rich functions:

for different applications, it can be divided into two driving modes: linear constant current control and PWM constant current control;

1% stepless current regulation can be realized, with high precision and fast response time;

it can realize the millisecond fast switch and lossless light source life;

the advanced CoolUV controller can improve the curing degree by 30-50% or more;

real-time monitoring of almost all system states such as temperature, module current and voltage;

rich interface, can support a variety of upper computer, and easy to expand.

CoolUV adopts integrated thermal management, starting from the chip for cooling design. The cooling effect is highly efficient, which can improve the working stability of the light source and greatly extend the light source life:

the COB packaging structure of aluminum nitride substrates with high thermal conductivity is adopted, and the thermal conductivity is up to 180-200w /m.k.

low thermal resistance packaging process, no high thermal resistance material, minimum heat transfer link;

design efficient heat sink based on heat transfer and fluid mechanics;

intelligent water cooling and air cooling temperature control methods are adopted to achieve the best heat dissipation state.

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