Innovative design

fully modular design

All the important parts of the curing system are designed with modular and standardized module configuration. These standardized modules include: LED light source module, LED light body, control cabinet, controller, power supply, etc.

The significance of modularity lies in:

standardized module is easy to mass production and standardized management, and customers can get high reliability products;

disperse system failure risk;

distribute the product value reasonably in the standardized module to reduce the replacement cost of the fault module;

greatly reduce the maintenance time.

high interchangeability design

Realize the complete interchangeability of the whole system module, enhance the strength and flexibility of the system.

user-oriented architecture

The light source, the controller and the power supply module completely achieve plug and play, convenient for replacement and expansion.

For customers to bring superb use experience, easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to repair, easy to upgrade.

future-oriented architecture

The controller and PLC can be upgraded and extended with the development of technology at low cost.

It can be organically combined with user management system and MES system to help users build intelligent factories.

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