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Since the beginning of the development of the fiber coating UV LED curing system in October 2014, CoolUV Technology has completed the design improvement of the 5-generation products by 2019.

CoolUV fiber coating curing system is currently widely used in online fiber drawing coating curing, coloring, and tape process, the number of use more than 800 units, many well-known fiber manufacturers at home and abroad are using CoolUV products.

The application and technical parameters of optical fiber coating curing system are as follows.

The main features of the coating curing system are as follows:

Continuously improve the user's operation convenience;

Fully modular design, the main parts of any product can be replaced less than 1-10 minutes;

The redundant design of the power supply and control system enables the majority of system failures to operate without shutdown;

High UV irradiance is achieved with very low power consumption through innovative optical design;

Digital controller, stable and reliable continuous operation;

Compact size, taking up little space;

Friendly operation interface and rich functions.

Functional coating is widely used in material surface processing and composite technology. Before coating and curing, there are usually other auxiliary treatment measures, such as corona, plasma, laser treatment, flame treatment, etc. We can provide customers with a package of various coating and curing solutions.

The main application of wide and ultra-wide coating curing is the Ultracure series curing system, which supports coating up to 6,000 mm in width. The system has high irradiance, and the production efficiency is 2-5 times higher than that of thermal curing and mercury lamp curing.


The production process of PCB is complex, and it mainly involves the following processes: exposure (graphic transfer), UV solder resistance curing, printing, UV protective paint (three anti paint) curing, etc.

For the above process, Cooluv has the corresponding products and solutions.

Compared with the original process of heat curing and mercury lamp curing, using the UV LED solution of CoolUV can save more than 60% of the total power, and solve the maintenance cost and consumable cost of more than 80%.

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