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The technical difficulties for UV LED curing sytem is that without proper optical design, LED light source, UV irradiance (unit: w/cm2) with the increase of irradiation distance attenuation in the air soon, probably around 2.5-3% per mm, at about 30 to 40 mm distance, the irradiance measured value is extremely low, flat piece of paper and most offset press curing light source distance medium between 50-100 - mm, how to keep a high irradiance on this distance is the main technical problems.

UltraCure series is a series of sophisticated integrated optoelectronic products that have been carefully developed for two and a half years by CoolUV Technology co., LTD.UltraCure's first high-efficiency light source, combining high-power COB packaging with advanced optical design, can maintain high irradiance at the irradiation range of 10-100mm and meet the needs of ink curing for flat sheet paper and high-speed rotary machines.

UltraCure series is suitable for film printing, cigarette bag printing, commercial printing, packaging printing and other different segments, can choose the full UVLED or UVLED+ mercury lamp configuration.

Since the launch of UltraCure series, it has been the first to assemble China's first full LED packaging production line (no mercury lamps) and China's first full LED film production line (no mercury lamps), and is committed to promoting the full LED supporting process. At the same time, UltraCure series has also formed a strategic partnership with ink manufacturers of various brands to provide customers with a package solution.

UltraCure series have a large number of installation cases in Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Komori and other equipment of different brands, with corresponding overall solutions.

UltraCure specifications:

To meet the diverse needs of customers, CoolUV Technologys can provide a full range of solutions as the turnkey project.

Tinplate usually printed by offset press, in the subsequent process there are more stamping, bending, modeling and other numerous processing, it requires very high quality of printing.

Since the application of UV curing technology in tinplate printing and can making industry, the industry has formed a unique UV curing process route. Its main requirements for UV LED curing system are:

to avoid the impact of tinplate and curing lamp, the curing lamp and the printing material need to maintain a safe distance of 40-60mm;

In order to prevent stacking adhesion and guarantee post-processing quality, the ink layer's adhesion and surface dryness are required to be higher, and higher UV radiation energy is needed to achieve higher curing degree.

UltraCure series can fully meet the requirements of the UV LED curing system for tinplate printing. Since the installation of the first offset printing press in August 2018, many well-known Chinese enterprises and benchmark enterprises have adopted the products of "perfect brightness".

UltraCure series in tinplate printing, suitable for food cans, beverage cans, miscellaneous cans, aerosol cans, milk powder cans, rice flour cans, rice porridge cans and other types of tank curing, the curing effect is better than other similar products.

UltraCure specifications:

Due to the inkjet ink formula improvement, inkjet printing for UV LED lamp UV intensity requirement is low, currently in the painting, digital printing market there are a lot of cheap UV LED curing system, it can meet the requirements of low energy curing, but there are many defects of durability and life, there’re a large number of product failures and customer complaints to these low-cost systems.

CoolUV Technology provides a cost-effective solution for digital printing and inkjet painting industries. No matter whether it is a single-pass or multi-pass inkjet curing, we all have proven solutions.

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