CoolUV attended "tinplate container manufacturing and Application innovation Technology Seminar" and delivered a keynote speech
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In order to display the tinplate packaging in recent years from end to end on the whole industry chain of technological progress and product innovation, and then explores its industry hot topic, around the "intelligent sustainable, melts the future" the idea, Beijing can speech cover language consulting co., LTD from November 16 to 18, 2020 held in shantou city, guangdong province, "the tank cover? Glint -- Seminar on innovation technology of tinplate Container Manufacturing and Application ".

This conference retraces the glorious history of tin Cans and anchors the future in the historical review. It can be called the theme design of full seat, closely related to the innovation pulse of the industry. Meeting process for total BBS, the first day of the second day two points and application innovation BBS synchronous meeting mode, attracted a tin container industry raw materials suppliers, can cover from the equipment until the brand can cover the user nearly 400 professionals attended all industry chain, is recent printing with the guangdong industry event at a time.

CoolUV, as a technology leading company in the field of UV LED curing, was invited to attend this seminar. Mr. Zhang Donglei, sales director, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Discussion on the application of UV LED curing technology in the Printing industry".

The presentation is centered around the following:

lThe development of UV LED curing technology and its application in the iron printing industry;

lKey technologies of UV LED curing system;

lSeveral factors affecting curing effect and solutions;

lStanding tools in printing curing;

lDevelopment trend of varnish curing and EB curing;

lCoolUV's achievements in the field of Indian iron.

The experts and scholars attending the meeting had a clearer cognition and deeper understanding of the application of UV LED curing system technology in the iron printing industry. Mr. Zhang Donglei's professional and wonderful speech was well received by experts and scholars on the spot!

CoolUV has 11 years of experience in the independent research and development of UV LED curing system. CoolUV develops and designs almost all functional modules independently, such as chip development, optical design, module design, heat dissipation design, drive circuit, control architecture, etc. CoolUV is a "real power" manufacturer in the UV LED industry.

CoolUV exhibition area came to exchange, negotiation of professionals and industry elites in an endless flow, after extensive communication, we have a deeper understanding of CoolUV in the field of UV LED curing system technology research and development, innovation strength, manufacturing capacity, application cases, etc., but also to deepen the future cooperation to lay a solid foundation......

According to the MINamata Convention established by the United Nations in 2013, the use of mercury lamps in industrial production will be banned or phased out after 2020. Traditional UV mercury lamp curing methods will be increasingly limited by environmental protection. At the same time, the domestic iron printing market competition is fierce, the profit margin is greatly compressed, the abnormal competition mode leads to the production cost of enterprises is getting higher and higher, and it is urgent to seek new technology to reduce production energy consumption and production cost.

The curing mode of UV LED is significantly better than that of traditional UV mercury lamp, as follows:

1) UV LED curing method can effectively improve production efficiency. The traditional UV mercury lamp curing mode requires preheating and cooling waiting processes in the switching machine, while UV LED curing is not difficult to turn on even under low temperature conditions, the lamp source is on or off, which can effectively improve production efficiency.

2) Compared with the traditional curing method, UV LED can save 70% energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

3) UV LED curing process does not produce ozone. No mercury pollution, low noise, low heat. It can effectively improve the workshop production environment and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

4) UV LED curing light source is more stable, uniform, better curing quality. 5) UV LED equipment is easy to maintain, the maintenance cost is more than 90% lower than that of mercury lamp.

Since the application of UV curing technology in tinplate printing and can industry, the printing industry has formed a special UV curing process route, and its main requirements for UV LED curing system are:

1) In order to avoid collision between tinplate and curing lamp, curing lamp and printing material should keep a safe distance of more than 40mm;

2) In order to prevent stacking adhesion and ensure post-processing quality, the ink layer adhesion and surface dryness requirements are higher, need higher UV radiation energy to achieve higher curing degree.

These requirements contradict the low irradiance of UV leds over long distances. Shanghai Zhenhui Optoelectronics co., LTD has developed UltraCure series products with its own advantages in optical design and packaging design technology, which can greatly improve the UV irradiance within 40-100mm distance, and the irradiance is 2-5 times that of products without optical design.

UltraCure series products can fully meet the requirements of tinplate printing for UV LED curing system. Since it was installed on the first iron offset printing machine in August 2018, Cooluv has been used by many well-known enterprises and won the praise of many customers!

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