2020 Shanghai All Print Exhibition ends in perfect style! CoolUV highlights the hard power of UV LED curing technology!
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China International Printing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China International Printing Exhibition) is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in China's printing industry. As a professional exhibition covering the whole printing industry chain, All Printing Shanghai 2020 fully demonstrates the latest products and technologies of all printing industry, and also focuses on many hot spots and insights into industry trends. Personalized solutions are provided.

CoolUV unveiled its new smart products, Ultra Cure and Super Cure, at the 2020 All India Exhibition in Shanghai from 12 to 16 October 2020. During the exhibition, the CoolUV booth was crowded with people. A large number of domestic industry representatives and professional procurement delegations came to CoolUV exhibition area to visit and exchange technology. With lean manufacturing quality and leading scientific and technological innovation concept, CoolUV products have won the high attention and praise of exhibitors who come to visit, full of honor......

Since its establishment in 2009, CoolUV has successfully developed and produced a series of UV LED curing equipment with the spirit of independent research and development and pioneering innovation. Up to now, CoolUV has basically realized full digital production. Products have been widely used in printing, iron printing, optical fiber and other fields, by many well-known enterprises.

In order to realize the real efficient, green, energy saving and low consumption production of enterprises, many printing enterprises through a variety of research, field investigation, product trial and other links of strict selection, the final choice of professional, quality and service and excellent UV LED curing equipment manufacturers -CoolUV. Such as this exhibition, CoolUV supporting label printing equipment production demonstration, so that customers who come to visit CoolUV curing equipment power label equipment efficient, green, low energy production have a more intuitive recognition and affirmation! It also shows that printing enterprises pay more and more attention to efficient, green, energy saving and low consumption production!

CoolUV will continue to adhere to the "Be the best, Be the friend" business philosophy, so that "green production, energy saving and emission reduction" characteristics of UV LED light curing technology to serve more global enterprises! Help more enterprises to achieve technological upgrading, technological transformation and low-carbon green production in line with the needs of The Times!

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