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Commercial printing curing mode brief introduction

1)Definition of commercial printing

Printing has a long history. Printing is one of the four great inventions. Since the invention of woodcut printing technology in China, printing methods have changed with each passing day. The following is the definition of printing and commercial printing:

Printing:(Printing, Graphic Arts, also use Graphic Comunications is Graphic communication) is the text, pictures, photos, anti-counterfeiting and other original manuscript through plate making, inking, pressure and other processes, so that the ink transfer to paper, textiles, plastic products, leather and other materials on the surface, batch copy the original content of the technology. According to the latest national standard GB/T9851.1-2008 definition, printing can be defined as: "the use of analog or digital image carrier color agent/color material (such as ink) transfer to the substrate copy process. Printing is divided into many kinds of printing, our most common is business printing.

Commercial printing:Mainly refers to commercial activities related to all kinds of printed matter, including product catalog, product sample book, picture book, atlas, recipe, instruction book, label, sign, bar code, hanging tag, washing mark, sticker label, express list, etc.

2)Several common curing ways of commercial printing

Ink from a fluid state to a solid state change process called ink drying, the completion of the process required time is called dry. Short drying time, fast ink drying speed, long drying time, slow ink drying speed.

It is well known that printing ink transfer after the completion of ink drying treatment, printing ink drying methods mainly include:

Osmotic drying, radiation curing drying, oxidized conjunctiva drying and volatile drying and other ways.

3)Characteristics of different curing methods

Osmotic drying: this application is commonly used in newspaper and telephone book printing. The drying speed is fast, but the ink film is not resistant to friction, the reducibility of the printed picture and text is poor, dim and matt, and the serious situation will produce imprinting powder and fall off.

Radiation curing drying: UV mercury lamp curing by minamata Convention, environmental protection, high energy consumption and other factors; UV LED light source is the product of UV light source technology towards more energy saving and more environmental protection. More and more enterprises choose UV LED curing mode.

Oxidation conjunctiva drying: mainly affected by environmental temperature, pigment, substrate material properties of PH value, etc., has a certain impact on the dryness.

Volatile drying: ink drying must rely on the heat generated by gas combustion, energy waste, poor treatment will cause higher VOC emissions.

UV LED Curing advantage analysis

1)Advantages and disadvantages of traditional printing ink drying and UV curing

Simply speaking, the biggest difference between UV printing and traditional printing is in the drying way. In addition, UV printing has more advantages in suitable substrate, production efficiency, space and environmental protection, specifically:

l Rapid drying, avoid drying back, reduce back adhesion

Traditional ink: after the normal process of printing and printing, the ink will not immediately dry, generally need to be placed at the same time for half a day or even longer time to dry. If encounter overcast rainy day, more can prolong dry time. This method has printing stick back, dry retreat and other risks.

UV curing: in the printing process due to the addition of UV light steps, the ink can be instantly dry. Printed products have better preservation, not easy to fade, sticky back and other problems.

l Shorten product delivery time, effectively improve production efficiency

Traditional ink: after normal process printing, dusting and other printing, the ink will not immediately dry, generally need to be placed for half a day to a longer time to dry. If encountered rainy days, will also extend the printing drying time. If not, the next printing process can be carried out, such as double-sided printing, cutting and binding.

UV curing: in the printing process due to the addition of UV light steps, the ink can be instantly dry. Greatly shorten the printing time, printing products can be immediately into the next step, such as double-sided printing, cutting and binding. Printed products are more durable and do not fade easily.

l Low VOC emissions

Traditional inks: The printing process uses a lot of solvent inks, and these solvent inks contain 50-60% volatile components, plus the thinner required for ink viscosity, in the printing production and drying process can emit a lot of VOC organic emissions.

UV curing: ink is almost 100% solid content, basically does not contain volatile organic matter. Can effectively avoid the drying process of VOC organic exhaust emissions.

l Avoid dusting contamination

Traditional ink: A layer of powder is sprayed on the paper to create a layer of space between the sheets to prevent ink sticking and speed up ink dryness. Without dusting, the paper can easily be ink stuck together or back printed.

UV curing: instant drying without powder, no need to worry about powder adhering to the print, and the working environment will not be contaminated.

l Suitable for printing substrate wide

Traditional ink: printing special paper, because of poor ink adsorption, difficult to dry.

UV curing: the substrate is more selective.

l Save printing space

Traditional ink: to print products with a certain drying space. To prevent paper from sticking or backprinting.

UV curing: instant drying, no need to prepare air drying space, greatly saving space.

2)Advantages and disadvantages of traditional printing ink drying and UV curing

The use of UVLED light source can reduce the waste of printing resources, reduce the cost of printing, thus saving the production time of printing enterprises, and greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

UV LED PK UV mercury lamp, has the following advantages:

Green environmental protection: UV LED does not contain mercury, does not produce ozone, no extra expenditure for standard discharge and waste treatment;

Improve production efficiency: instant switch, no need for startup preheating and shutdown cooling; Low failure rate, maintenance time reduced by more than 95%, greatly improve the opening rate of equipment; High UV irradiation intensity, printing speed can be increased by more than 80%;

Significant energy saving: over 70% lower operating power consumption compared with mercury lamp; Lower standby power consumption than 95% of mercury lamp;

Improve printing quality: UV LED curing light source light output stability, uniform light spot, can effectively improve the curing quality and uniformity; The peak width of the traditional UV mercury lamp curing machine is uneven and the light spot is decreasing around.

Save a lot of maintenance cost and time: UV LED equipment has almost no consumables that need to be replaced regularly; UV mercury lamp requires regular replacement of lamp tubes, reflectors and other components, affecting the normal production of printing enterprises; UV LED equipment is easy to maintain and the maintenance cost is more than 90% lower than that of mercury lamp.

COOLUV facilitates the efficient and green production of RMGT Sinro

CoolUV is a leading enterprise in UV LED and radiation curing technology. Enterprises stand at the forefront of UV LED radiation curing technology. We have experienced and innovative technology research and development team. Over the years, with independent research and development, independent design, production of advanced UV LED light curing system equipment, has been widely used in the world's many well-known printing equipment manufacturers. At present,CoolUV has installed nearly 100 sets of UV LED curing devices in the field of commercial printing.

CoolUV With experienced, innovative technology research and development, production team, independent research and development, production of a unique series of UV LED curing system. We can quickly develop standardized and customized products for customers, which are deeply loved by many users.

This time, fujian Southeast color printing Co., LTD., after learning about UV LED equipment, constantly to high standards, strict requirements for high-quality high-quality good faith brand. After layers of comparison and assessment, southeast finally chose the industry reputation is excellent, strong technology and research and development strength, has rich experience in installation and maintenance of COOLUV curing equipment.

After fully understanding the configuration requirements of FUJIAN Southeast RMGT 924 product, Shanghai Zhenhui Photoelectric quickly customized a professional solution for Southeast, that is, only one COOLUV UltraCure series single lamp is configured in the paper feeding place, which fully realized the production goal of high efficiency production at 14000 speed and fully guarantee the curing effect. Greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, effectively avoid environmental pollution.

Nearly 2,000 RMGT 9 series printers have been installed worldwide, and more than 600 in China. COOLUV products supporting RMGT equipment, so that enterprises really achieve green, environmental protection, efficient, energy saving production! Effectively improve the core competitive advantage of enterprises in the field of commercial printing!

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